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        Year 2004

        Dalian Vent d'Est Garment Co., Ltd. was founded.

        Year 2005

        Vent d'Est factory officially was put into production, with independent production as the basic model

        Year 2006

        Vent d'Est International Crop (Dalian) Ltd. was formally established.

        Year 2007

        The company's export volume reached $40 million that year.

        Year 2008

        Sales doubled to $80 million.

        Year 2009

        The company's export volume reached 120 million US dollars, entering the clothing enterprise hundred million dollar club.

        Year 2010

        Dalian Vent d’Est Lavado & Garments Co.,Ltd. was founded.

        Year 2012

        The company's performance was $160 million.

        Year 2013

        The company's performance was $160 million.

        Year 2014

        Company sales exceeded $170 million.

        Year 2015

        Vent d’Est (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd. was put into production,company performance steady growth.

        Year 2017

        Vent d'Est International Corp.(Dalian)Ltd. has been completely changed toa company limited by shares

        Year 2018

        The company obtained AEO certification of the General Administration of Customs and ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification.

        Year 2020

        Vent d'Est Garments Co.,Ltd. moved into the new headquarters building at No.7 Gangdong Street